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Protect your data by a PIN Code

From 1.1.0 version.

If you lend your phone to a tier: to call, play ... and he begins to look into your applications, he may fall on the list of all your banking and have access to your private data.

The application allows you to block access by a 4-digits code. This lock is put in place at application startup, but also when the application wakes up from standby.

Your data are then protected. Be careful: this lock is not very difficult to break, but it is a first level protection to prying eyes.

1. From the main screen select "i" at the upper right.
2. Then you arrive at this screen that allows you to "Enter / Modify" your PIN and to activate or deactivate the lock.

3. Hit the button "Enter / Modify" and you arrive on this next screen:
4. Enter 2 times your 4-digits code.

5. Your code is stored and activated.
The switch button to the right of "Enter / Modify" button is enabled automatically. You can disable it at any time if necessary.

Now when you start the application, the following screen appears and then blocks access to your bank operations.