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How to Backup - Restore your Database ?

Steps to Backup or Restore your Database !

All transactions are stored in a database. This database is stored in the application directory. This directory is protected and therefore not accessible.

But, you can copy this database in the DCIM folder which is accessible.

Then you will just explore your iPhone to find the file. For exploration, you can use the software: iPhoneExplorer for example.

This function is particularly handy if you have started using the Lite application. Indeed, the application Lite is limited to 30 operations. If you buy later the My Account application, and you do not want to lose transactions, you need to export into DCIM from the Lite application and then import from DCIM for full version. Your operations will appear in the full application.

1. From the main screen select "i" in the upper right.
2. You then arrive at this screen that allows you to backup / restore your database to / from DCIM

Once you complete the transaction: "Backup" the Database in DCIM, the database appears in iPhoneExplorer DCIM folder named: DataBaseEsayAccount.sql. A drag and drop and your database is saved.

You're free to do your backups regularly to not lose data.

During the level upgrade of the iPhone OS, the database is not reset, normally!