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Repetitive Operations

The repetitive operations are operations that we will occurs each month: rent, loan, phone, electricity, insurance,taxes, ...

It would therefore be advantageous to avoid the re-enter every month: risk of forget, mistake, ...

Here is how the application works: you identify the repetitive operations, and when you earn the money that corresponds to these expenses, you copy its.

1. From the main screen tap the line you want to change in repetitive operation.
In our case, we select the line Electricity Bill.
2. Just go to the field Repetitive, slide to "ON" and confirm.

3. The arrow that is below the type of the transaction means it's a repetitive transaction.
4. Do the same with the rest of repetitive operations for October.
5. Once we have the money that represents the month of November : it can be your salary which can arrive either late October or early November.
6. We can copy the repetitive operations from October to November. Just then touch "Copy Repetitive", and the following screen appears:
7. Once you hit the button "Yes", the repetitive October's operations are also in November.
Do not put income money in repetitive especially if they occur at the end of the month: in effect, you will distort the "Total" in the middle with the money coming in late November, which corresponds to the expenses of December.
So throughout the month of November, your total will increase with the money coming in December, without having the associated costs!