Welcome on My Account Tutorial

This iPhone application will help you to manage your bank account very easily.

The philosophy of the application is very simple: where do I stand with what I won ?

Take the example of someone who had come into some money of 1000,00: salary, reimbursement, ...

Once he has spent such as 100.00 card and 200.00 check in, it did not remain more than 700.00 to spend if he does not want to be overdrawn, even if its current account bank shows that it is 1000.00.

The principle of the application is this: what I have on my current account 1000.00 ? and what I have left as money actually only 700,00 ?

These 2 amonts are in fact never equal because all transactions are not credited or debited the same day.

The application can also manage repetitive operations such as: electricity, phone, ... and also has a calculator function very handy, but I let you browse the tutorials to learn all this.

Bring with you your account on your iPhone or iPod touch using the "My Account".

If you want to first test the application, the Lite version is there for you. That one is limited by 30 operations!

Please, send us your comments and your support of this application if you like to the following address: easyaccount@free.fr